What to consider when buying a parasol for the balcony?

Prior to purchasing a parasol for balcony, one must consider numerous deciding factors. Most balconies are limited in free space, which consequently leads to cantilever parasols usually not finding enough space.

Even if one opts for a classic parasol with a central-post, it is imperative to ensure that there is sufficient freedom of movement under the parasol, all whilst ensuring to provide shade over an as large as possible area. It is also advisable to think carefully about which stand is the most suitable in terms of both ground surface material, as well as space on the balcony.


Parasol for balcony

Parasols for the balcony

MEZZO Sonnenschirm


Parasol for the private sector.

The easy to use cantilever parasol with high stability, available in round, rectangular or square shape. It is characterized primarily by simple operation and pleasant comfort. Nevertheless, it offers the freedoms we all dream of.

DACAPO Sonnenschirm


Parasol for the private sector.

The flexible cantilever parasol with a unique design, available in round, oval, rectangular or square shape. For especially design-conscious customers, such as architects and designers, as well as for situations where maximum diversity and flexibility is required in the shading.

FILIUS Sonnenschirm


Parasol for the commercial sector. The practical compact classic parasol for numerous applications, available in round, rectangular or square shape.


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