Parasols by venue

Parasols have uses in numerous locations. Depending on whether, for example, one is looking to set it up in the garden or on the balcony, different criteria have to be considered before choosing a parasol. Meaning a parasol on the balcony should not take up too much space, a beach parasol requires more stability to withstand strong sea breezes, and a garden parasol should span over a wide area whilst allowing for a great deal of freedom of movement.

Commercial clients have particularly high demands for their parasols, as these must be extremely resilient and durable.

MAY offers suitable parasols for the following venues:



Commercial parasols


Commercial parasols


MAY is the ideal partner for commercial parasols.

Parasols for balcony


The perfect parasol for the balcony.

Parasols garden


The perfect parasol for the garden.

Parasol terrace


The perfect parasol for your terrace.


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Customers with the highest demands opt for MAY parasols.

MAY clients are people with very particular notions of quality and design. MAY parasols perfectly match these requirements. Whether compact cantilever parasols for the private garden or giant parasols for commercial use - a parasol by MAY always brings the utmost in product quality and aesthetics.