Cantilever parasol Rialto

RIALTO is the cantilever parasol to fulfill the demands of commercial businesses

RIALTO is a cantilever parasol, which was developed specifically for the high standards of cuisine and commerce. It comes with an attractive free-arm for outstanding durability and longevity.

Special bonus: Individual parasols can be combined to form groups or large-area parasols, coupled together on to a single mast - ideal not only for outdoor dining areas at restaurants and hotels, for the sidewalk café or bistro with outdoor area, but also for exhibitions and events, swimming pools, in large foyers and more.

Of course, RIALTO is also a parasol that can cater for specialist requirements for your private terrace or your garden.

Besides the base model (RIALTO RG) is the parasol RIALTO with lights and a pendulum device to tilt the parasol canopy available (RIALTO RP.)

The advantages at a glance:

  • A light parasol, providing optimum freedom of movement
  • Easy to use with stainless steel hand crank
  • Screen rotates through 360°
  • Frame made from high quality alloy aluminum profiles
  • Designed for use with gastro screens or cafe barriers
  • Cover with a spring system
  • Cover easily replaceable
  • Individual parasols can be combined to form parasol groups
  • Canopy tilted (RIALTO RP)

Use & possibilities

The parasol RIALTO offers flexibility through its innovative technical features. RIALTO umbrellas through their special anchorage and rotating ability, can follow the suns path perfectly. For shading large areas several RIALTO sunshades can be used, and with only a single mast. That is: Maximum shading plus maximum freedom of movement under the umbrellas.

During inclement weather periods, a use of the protective sheath can be easily placed over the screen.

Rialto Schirm Pool

Additional equipment.

Frame for parasol Rialto


The frame is made of very high quality, alloy, extruded aluminum profiles. The frame is powder-coated surface, high impact and shock resistant and the color white RAL 9010 available. Special colors available on request.

Stringing cantilever parasol


Uses a specially uniformed seal system, the fabric sits perfectly still year after year. Simple replacement of the fabrics is possible.

Technical Details

Canopy tilted Rialto

Canopy tilted (RIALTO RP)

Using of a hand crank allows the canopy to be locked to an inclined position from 30°.

Parasol rotation

360° - rotation

The special anchorage enable the screen to rotate around in conjunction with a migratory sun.

Umbrella groups Rialto

Umbrella groups

Designed for large scale outdoor dining areas. Rialto parasols can be coupled together to form parasol groups allowing up to for screens per mast. Eye pleasing to look at and ideal for patio areas.

Connections parasol

High quality connections

All axes are fixed with pins - for maximum stability, durability and ease of use for any repairs.


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Unique accessories for your parasols

The parasol RIALTO is available either as a single parasol or as a parasol group with 2, 3 or 4 parasols to a common mast.

Kit out your parasol Rialto with custom accessories, including:

  • Replacement Screen Covers
  • Mobile fastening devices such as fixing crosses or stands
  • Suitable concrete slabs for your parasol stand
  • Granite parasol stand
  • Anchor sleeve for the shield mast (in concrete)
  • Anchor plates for the umbrella pole (to bolt)
  • Wall mounts for your parasols
  • Anti-theft devices for parasols

You can order or download an overview of all accessories available for your parasols for free from MAY.

Our consultants are happy to help you in the selection of matching accessories for your parasols.


RIALTO Single Parasol

RIALTO Single Parasol

ø Segments Area
3.0 m 6 5.9 m²
3.5 m 6 8.0 m²
4.0 m 6 10.4 m²


RIALTO 2 - Parasol Group

RIALTO 2 - Parasol Group

ø Segments Area
3.0 m 6 2 x 5.9 m²
3.5 m 6 2 x 8.0 m²
4.0 m 6 2 x 10.4 m²

RIALTO 3 - Parasol Group

RIALTO 3 - Parasol Group

ø Segments Area
3.0 m 6 3 x 5.9 m²
3.5 m 6 3 x 8.0 m²
4.0 m 6 3 x 10.4 m²


RIALTO 4 - Parasol Group

RIALTO 4 - Parasol Group

ø Segments Area
3.0 m 8 4 x 5.9 m²
3.5 m 8 4 x 8.0 m²
4.0 m 8 4 x 10.4 m²


RIALTO Square Shape

RIALTO Square Shape

Dimensions Segments Area
2.85 x 2.85 m 8 8.1 m²
3.0 x 3.0 m 8 9.0 m²
3.5 x 3.5 m 8 12.3 m²


RIALTO 2 - Square Shape

RIALTO 2 - Square Shape

Dimensions Segments Area
2.85 x 2.85 m 8 2 x 8.1 m²
3.0 x 3.0 m 8 2 x 9.0 m²
3.5 x 3.5 m 8 2 x 12.3 m²


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Customers with the highest demands opt for MAY parasols.

MAY clients are people with very particular notions of quality and design. MAY parasols perfectly match these requirements. Whether compact cantilever parasols for the private garden or giant parasols for commercial use - a parasol by MAY always brings the utmost in product quality and aesthetics.