LED lighting and tube lights for your parasol

Make your giant parasol more than just a parasol:

Our classic parasols SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS outfitted with the right lighting elements make this quite simple. Elegant light tubes on the parasol’s spokes shine a pleasant light in the evening and invite your guests to stay a little longer.

For lighting, we offer both classic tube lights, as well as modern LED light tubes, available in both cool and warm white. LED systems are energy-efficient, robust, durable, current-controlled dimmable and do not attract insects. A giant parasol with integrated lighting is incidentally also the ideal solution for your outdoor smoking area.


Lights for your MAY giant parasol and all other required electrical elements are optionally available as individual components or together with matching heaters in our premium packages.

Premium packages SCHATTELLO:

optionally with 2 or 4 heaters and 4 lighting components

Premium packages ALBATROS:

with optional 4 or 6 heaters and 6 lighting components










Parasol with lighting and heating


LED Lighting Parasol cold white

Coloured RGB-ww LED strips

Energy-saving LED strips (12 volts), discreetly mounted on spoke dividers. The LEDs are durable, dimmable, waterproof, shock resistant and powered by an upstream power supply. The number of LED strips to be inserted can be determined individually.

LED Lighting Parasol warm white

LED tube light warm white

3‘000-3‘500° K; 36 LEDs; 12VDC/0,5A; LEDs current-controlled; attached to the spoke.

LED Lighting Parasol cold white

LED tube light cool white

6‘000-6‘500° K; 36 LEDs; 12VDC/0,5A; LEDs current-controlled; attached to the spoke.


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Customers with the highest demands opt for MAY parasols.

MAY clients are people with very particular notions of quality and design. MAY parasols perfectly match these requirements. Whether compact cantilever parasols for the private garden or giant parasols for commercial use - a parasol by MAY always brings the utmost in product quality and aesthetics.