Professional infrared heaters for your parasol

Transform your giant parasol into a comfort zone - with powerful infrared heaters, which are perfectly tailored to your SCHATTELLO or ALBATROS classic parasols.

This allows you to extend your open-air season considerably, as well as offering a cozy outdoor atmosphere to your guests even during cooler evening hours.

By the way: With heaters, your giant parasol becomes the ideal smoking solution for your restaurant, hotel, or your company.

Infrared technology provides not only great comfort, but also exemplary efficiency: With a thermal efficiency of about 90%, infrared heaters are about 30% more economical than conventional parasol heaters.

There is also a timer option available for the heaters, which is particularly useful for the smoking area. Heaters and all other required electrical accessories for your MAY giant parasol are available either individually or together with the matching lighting component in our premium packages.

Premium packages SCHATTELLO:

optionally with 2 or 4 heaters and 4 lighting components, optionally also with speakers

Premium packages ALBATROS:

with optional 4 or 6 heaters and 6 lighting components, optionally also with speakers










Parasol Heater

Heaters for your parasol


Rotating fixture

The heaters are attached to the end of the spoke with a rotating fixture. This patented mechanism allows the heaters to rotate 90 degrees and remain attached to the parasol even when it is closed. No more hassle of assembly and disassembly when opening and closing the parasol.

Heater Switch

Timer switch

You are looking to keep energy costs low in the smoking area? The heater on the giant parasol is activated by your guests via a button for 15 minutes. Small button, big (savings) effect.


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